Coffee + Life + Me

'myspotonline' ... a place for coffee lovers (or not) to gather and celebrate life ... a place of learning, sharing, and doing business ... serving a community of conscious minds seeking optimal states of well being.

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About Me.

I started {myspotonline} because I had a need to express myself ... a need to create and share my creation and creativity with the rest of the world.

And it is a real adrenaline rush putting what burns inside you in "context" and then sharing all of that knowledge.

Inspiration comes from a picture, a song, a friend's comment, or just drinking that daily "feel good" cup of coffee while witnessing life.

It's all about how we live, how we dress and socialise. What we eat, listen to and watch, who leads and inspires. And what we do to make ends meet.

Simply put, a place of learning, sharing and commerce … which is the nexus of {myspotonline}


Cape Town